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Hello beautiful souls and welcome.

I'm Faye Delane, a natural intuitive and channel for the Angelic Realm.

I have heard spirit from a young age and began practising with cards and pendulums in my teenage years, I have spent over 20 years learning about divination, meditation, the law of attraction and other things and there is still so much to learn.

My connection with the Angels came in one of the most difficult periods of my life, when I had a breakdown, I suffered severe anxiety, depression and battled with my weight and other health problems. 

The Angels and spiritual practices brought me on a journey of healing and self discovery. Working with the Angels, building my connection and intuition has completely changed my life.

I know my life purpose is to share my experiences and work with the Angels to help others on their journey.

My therapies, readings, meditations, courses and workshops are designed to empower, help guide and bring light as you walk your path. I am based in Ilchester, Somerset, I have therapy room at my home, I also travel and visit people and we can work together via Skype, so no matter where you are in the world we can connect.

I enjoy making spiritual items so you may find some of those pieces for sale, I'm also a magpie for crystals and Angelic items so look out for those too!

Thank you for visiting, I look forward to connecting with you on this special journey.

Angel Blessings


My Promise to you

I promise to be there for you every step of your journey. My goal is to help you on your life's path providing healing support, knowledge and guidance to enrich you and help you to find the happiness you deserve. 

You can be assured of a confidential, professional, relaxed and personal experience.

I can't wait to meet you and work with you on this new journey. 

Contact & Booking

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, no matter how small you may think they are.

Faye Delane



Daytime & evening appointments available.